Join the Movement

“In 10 sessions you`ll feel the difference, in 20 you`ll see it, and in 30 you`ll have a new body!”Transformative effect expectation of the Pilates Training is probably one of the main reasons why we all start at first.

As we integrate the workout into our routine, we notice how everything is changing : at the beginning it is the new perception of the the body in everyday tasks we enjoy, then it is the posture “speaking” and then the colleagues, friends and family notice how you sit, walk or breathe . You feel refreshed, with less pain or it disapears completely.

You become more focused and strong not only in your core, practicing your favourite sport or running around with your toddler. There are many more benefits to enjoy with regular practice of this intelligent, highly efficient whole body Training, if practiced correctly on regular basis.

We believe Pilates Training can change not only your body and mind, it can change quality of your life entirely. It is our mission to demonstrate this to each and every client training with us in VOYAGE. We teach movement and are dedicated to the highest quality of our services at all times, so that our customers get individual, competent and precisely to their needs tailor made workout in every single session, in every location. VOYAGE-moving you(r) world(s)!