Voyage - Moving your worlds

Choosing VOYAGE you are choosing an experience of what we do in 4D. Our logo represents our core values as well as our vision. Enso is a Japanese word meaning “circle” or “circular form”. Zen masters state, that an Enso circle cannot be explained. It can only be experienced. Those who practice the art of Enso, will experience that it is both simple and hard. That is precisely how Pilates practice feels like too. The Enso ring is a circular form that is drawn to express the completeness or the emptiness of the present moment. We could say it’s an epitome of a Zen state of mind.

In the circle you find a figure in movement–looks like  a person practicing a TEASER. Teaser is a wonderful, but complex exercise. This part of the logo stands for the human in movement, in constant search to change, transform life to the better, questioning what is human potential, striving to achieve and enjoy all that life is. Teaser also shapes the body into a letter V, that again comes back to VOYAGE.

VOYAGE-moving you(r) world(s)! Changing the perception of the body through movement (Pilates) can be a start of wonderful things happening in life. To inspire our clients to achieve their highest aspirations we strive to fulfill the dream of Joe Pilates to make his Method to be practiced in all walks of life-innovation through tradition!